What is Marketing Mail?

An advertising campaign for your business/organization that will go to all residents in your area.

Perfect for 'Grand Openings' ... 'Special Offers ... 'Announcements' ... 'Holiday Greetings' ... 'Summer camps'...Discountsand more!

What does Welcome New Neighbor do?

We create custom cards to mail to all residents in a radius or zip code of your location to promote your business.

  • New Mover We create custom cards to greet the new people that move into your area to promote your business.
  • Senior Birthdays We create custom birthday cards to seniors that live in your area to promote your business.

You choose your area and budget, we bring the Neighbors to you!

What are free counts?

  • New Mover Approximate average of people moving into your area.
  • Senior Birthdays Approximate average of senior birthdays in your area.

How much is custom artwork?

Included in your pricing, no design fee, free of charge.

How often do mailings go out into circulation?

Once a month.

Where do we get our information?

  • New Mover Several different data sources: deed transfers, telephone companies, internet, etc.
  • Senior Birthdays Derived from drivers licenses (we only obtain month of birth).

Is there a minimum amount of mail that can be sent out each month?

No. Same cost regardless of the number of mail pieces.

What happens if the mailings get returned?

100% guarantee we will issue you full credit for the returned mail piece.

Is there a cancel fee?

No cancel fees.

We get your message to people who are waiting to give you their business!